Where do I stand?

A year ago I had a spark to wake up my language-learning. I’d never really stopped of course, but for a few years, I hadn’t really been going anywhere either. That’s when I created this blog.

Where have I come since then?

I listened to an audio course of Russian while driving to work in the summer. Attempted chatting a bit in French with a Brazilian guy at my summer job, and felt really awkward when I was unable to form any sentence at all.

Tried to brush up my French vocabulary with the Goldlist method I discovered – and actually really liked. Scrambled through another course of Russian at uni.

Stayed in Sweden for 5 months, to discover my Swedish has been getting rusty as well. But practiced it a lot anyway.

Lately, I’ve realized my language-learning project is a mess, really. To see why, I’ve had to look back a bit and think about what I have been doing.

I have started to think it is not the best idea to try studying multiple languages at the same time. I was interested in learning languages since I was a kid, and when at upper secondary school I got the chance, I picked first one, then another, and then a third additional language. So then I had English, Swedish, French, German, and Japanese classes.

People asked, don’t you mix the languages in your head. I never felt that, it was quite easy for me to keep the chat, cat, katt and Katze well organized in my head.

But I certainly wasn’t proceeding as much as would have been possible in three years of studying a language. And then it felt frustrating, when after three years of learning French and just half a year of German, I went backpacking around Europe, and was hardly able to ask how much are the stamps in French, but managed to buy train tickets in German.
So I think I’ll try to start an intensive learning project on just one language, to see how it works. And I’ve actually decided to pick French as my project. Because it is the language I most feel I have so far failed learning.

Time to start afresh! Allons-y!