The Best Reason to Learn Languages

I just got this moment, when I remembered why I’m actually learning languages. I needed to share it. I wonder if there’s someone else out there, who sometimes gets a feeling like this?

A moment when I was just struck by the breathtaking beauty of a language.

Today, I was watching Бедная Настя and it got me by surprise. It was this song:


I think there would be a lot less problems in the world, if everyone could, when hearing a foreign language, just stop, and listen, and hear the beauty of it. In stead of being afraid or suspicious about something we cannot understand, we could be fascinated and awed by it.

I am so overwhelmed that such a variety of languages exist. Different languages that people around the world strive to express their thoughts and feelings in.

It’s universal. It is so beautiful. I cannot even describe it.

I have no idea why, but I needed to share it.


2 thoughts on “The Best Reason to Learn Languages

  1. Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve just written above.
    As far as languages go, I’m just fascinated by how the french language is written. These folks did the impossible and forcibly “froze” their language for some odd 400 something years. And here we are, observing wonderful, if costly (just think of all these translations and paperwork in French, so many letters there are, my God, while they could’ve simply cut the cost big time by, say, writing “bocu” instead of lengthy-silly-bottom-part “beaucoup”, but there you go), French language in all its splendor when it comes to its writing.

    Languages are truly beautiful, and it is through languages that we can only hope to understand other cultures. Being suspicious and resentful does no good to anyone 😦

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    1. That is indeed fascinating, with French spelling. At some point of the history, they wanted to “purify” the language to resemble more it’s “mother” Latin, right?
      But the English language spelling also is curious, I think. I’m not very familiar with the history, but I’ve heard it is also quite a story. Are you familiar with the poem “The Chaos”: ?

      But yes, indeed. I guess language enthusiasts are mostly people of peace and tolerance, who appreciate the variety of cultures around the world. We could set up some sort of a hippie movement 😀 Peace, Love and Languages.

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