Reviving After Language Learning Hibernation

Did you ever feel like you need to hibernate?

I feel the need every year, it hits me around November. And I think year after year, it gets stronger. I want to drop all my projects and things that usually bring me joy – and just sleep. Last couple of years, it has been a bit easier to cope with it though, for one simple reason: I’ve given in to the need.

No, of course I didn’t really crawl under my blankets after eating my stomach full of pine needles like the Moomins, and then sleep until the first warming rays of late February sun.

I just took it a bit more easy; accepted the fact that I did not have the energy for everything I would have liked to do.

As I had to have energy for my job, some time with my family and friends and a fairly time-consuming volunteering position, I decided it was better to quietly give in to a language learning hibernation, than keep pushing it and go straight into a language learning burn-out.

It was kind of a deep hibernation – like a little hedgehog that wakes up every once in a while to keep alive, I would occasionally read something or listen to something in one of my languages, but I didn’t make an effort to set goals, really keep up proper habits, track my activities or really give it much thought at all. But now the sun rays have started to creep through into my nest and I feel like I might start to revive.

I think it wasn’t just the increasing light, though, that woke me up. It was also the Russian language. I found the habit of audiobooks again, and then some Russian music, and one day I was walking home and listening to a particularly beautiful song that was new to me… And I was struck by the feeling, that I need to learn more of this language, I want to speak it again.

So here I am, slightly late for the usual new year’s resolutions, but all the more ready to start planning another year in languages! More about that in a Clear the List post for March!

7 thoughts on “Reviving After Language Learning Hibernation

  1. So happy to see you back, Tiia, and to find out that it was Russian that woke you from winter’s hibernation!!! 😀 I know exactly how you feel about slowing down for the season. We’re (finally!) getting the first real snow of the winter here and I’m still in full-on hibernation, haha. What was the song that you found so beautiful- could you post it here?

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    1. Happy to be back 😀 Don’t get me wrong, winter is far from being over, we’ve had around -15 degrees the last week – but the dark season is definitely behind, and that’s enough to wake me up a bit 😀

      The song was actually from Мельница, I think it was you who introduced their song Дорога сна to me! Now I’ve found this song:

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  2. Hey Tiia, so good to have you back!
    I know the feeling, and generally the wish of being a Moomin in all aspects of my life…
    Taking a break was the wisest thing to do, as you said there are priorities over language learning, and stressing to the point of exhaustion would have done no good to you. After all, when you’re passionate about something you’ll go back to it, when the time is right.
    Happy to read from you again and looking forward to knowing more about your future goals 🙂

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